We appreciate that with a “customer-attraction incentive” as hot as this one, you might have some questions.

So simply scroll down this page to see a range of questions & answers.

Whilst the Fuel For Less Promotion might look “simple” on the outside, there’s considerable expenses “behind the scenes” to create a sophisticated customer attraction program like this.

The “once-only” set-up fee covers the establishment of your automated PayPal rebate system, your customised “coded” Fuel Savings Vouchers, customised artwork resources & general management of your account.

In other words, we’ve invested heavily in creating a smooth tech-savvy “redemption system” in the back-end

And keep in mind this is a “once-only” set-up fee – from the launch of your promotion, you simply pay a modest $97 License Fee per month.

The first monthly License Fee is part of your “sign-up” investment – ie: you initially invest $3,947 to get underway with the promotion ($97 of which is your first month’s License Fee).

And from Month 2 onwards, your monthly $97 License Fee gets automatically deducted from your bank account on or around the same date in that month as your initial sign-up.

So if you’ve ordered the promotion on the 17th of one month, the License Fee will get charged against your credit card on about the 17th of each subsequent month.

Yes, there is no “lock-in period” – you can cancel at any time by emailing us at

We provide you with an initial qty of 3,000 Fuel Savings Vouchers.

These Vouchers are “business card size” so they are convenient for most people to keep in their wallet or purse.

And these Vouchers are “personalised” with your company name & are individually coded with Unique Codes & a QR facility.

Should you want more Vouchers at any time, we can provide a “pack of 3,000” for $347.

You’ll see how to order more Vouchers in the next question.

Simply order at

Delivery is normally within 5 business days of your order.

Your customers or clients simply go to to claim their rebate.

When the visit that webpage, the instructions for claiming one’s rebate are very simple & straightforward.

Customers/clients follow the easy process & enter the Unique Code or Codes on their Fuel Savings Voucher/s.

They can claim up to 10 Vouchers at a time – & their rebate is paid into their PalPay account.

To be able to reward your customers with their Fuel Savings, you of course need to deposit money into a Kitty we will set up for you.

We recommend starting with a $500 balance – & when your balance goes under $100, we’ll email & text you to let you know, so you can “top up” your Kitty again.

(Keep in mind you WANT the kitty to be disappearing fast, as this will indicate people are supporting your business & the offer is working!)

Our suggestion is “for as long as it is working for you!”

The big supermarket chains have been offering their 4c per litre discount promotion for around 30 years!

They’ve obviously decided “when you’re on a good thing, stick to it!”

Let’s face it, “fuel savings” is an evergreen customer bonus – it’s not some fad that’s going to go out of date.

So our recommendation is to keep running the promotion whilst it is still delivering the benefits to your business.

Your customers can claim one…..or up to ten Fuel Cashbacks at the same time at our Claims Centre at – with a maximum of 50 litres per claim.

In other words, if a person has 5 Fuel Savings Vouchers from you, he/she can claim 50c per litre cashback – up to a maximum of 50 litres per claim.

So that’d mean that this person could claim 50c x 50 litres cashback = $25 in total.

If a person had 10 Fuel Savings vouchers, he/she could claim $1 x 50 litres cashback = $50.

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