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You have 2 payment options:

  1. Pay by Credit Card
  2. Pay by Finance (4 or 6 monthly payments)

Simply choose your preferred option below & you’ll be instantly taken to the appropriate Order Form.

Shortly after completing payment by either Credit Card or via Finance,  you’ll receive an email with details of the next steps.

(Providing you with a delivery date for your Fuel Savings Vouchers, details of your complimentary month of Facebook Ad Management, operational information about the PayPal rebate payment system etc)


* Fuel For Less Set-Up Fee covers establishing the PayPal rebate system, the customised “coded” Fuel Savings Cards, access to artwork resources & general “set-up” management of your account


Whilst the Fuel For Less Promotion might look “simple” on the outside, there’s considerable expenses “behind the scenes” to create a sophisticated customer attraction program like this.

The “once-only” set-up fee helps cover the establishment of your PayPal rebate system, your customised “coded” Fuel Savings Cards, customised artwork resources & general management of your account.

And keep in mind this is a “once-only” set-up fee – from launch of your promotion, you simply pay a modest $97 License Fee per month.

The monthly License Fee gets automatically deducted from your bank account on or around the date you ordered the promotion.

So if you’ve ordered the promotion on the 17th of one month, the License Fee will get charged against your credit card on about the 17th of each subsequent month.

Yes, there is no “lock-in period” – you can cancel at any time by emailing us at support@fuelrebate.com.au

We provide you with an initial qty of 3,000 Fuel Savings Vouchers.

These Vouchers are “business card size” so they are convenient for most people to keep in their wallet or purse.

And these Vouchers are “personalised” with your company name & are individually coded with Unique Codes & a QR facility.

Should you want more Vouchers at any time, we can provide a “pack of 3,000” for $347.

Simply order at fuelpromotion.com.au/order-vouchers

Delivery is normally within 5 business days of your order.

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